"Without a drop of sleep"... we took the bus at 4 am on Saturday 9 March to El Prat airport, where the incessant rain made us think for a moment that the squall had descended to the peninsula and therefore, this time, maybe Ireland would get rid of its usual weather... Our dream did not come true, but we had a lot of fun in the so-called "Emerald Isle", in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

Every day at 9 a.m. we had to be at the "meeting point", the Krispy Kreme coffee shop on Dame Street. What a fantastic odyssey to take the city buses and the tram in Dublin at rush hour...! Some had taken the wrong direction and had to dismount and cross the street to catch the right one, others had got up a bit later and had to wait for the next bus, one bus had a flat tyre, another had run over someone on a bike, etc, etc, etc. Finally at about 9:45 we were all at the cafeteria, where they feared our arrival, because we hardly speak and we have a very low and sweet tone of voice, "of course".
Our monitor, Gloria, who deserves a 10 for her organisation, attention and work, was waiting for us there. Her gestures and way of speaking were characteristic, ah! And above all the expression she used at any time and in any situation: "Patatas fritas con Ketchup" (Chips with ketchup). We will miss you.

Special mention should also be made of another monitor, Erika, who joined the group from time to time. She never lost her smile and always responded with kindness.

And last but not least, we would like to thank the 55 protagonists of this adventure for the good behaviour and attitude they showed during the whole trip.


Estela Francés Lavilla 3º A:

On the 9th of March, some of the students of the school started an adventure to Dublin, Ireland. We had a long journey and for some of us it was our first time on a plane, but this did not dampen our desire to go ahead and experience this long awaited moment.

We arrived in the city around noon that same day and from that moment on we did not stop enjoying and learning even though we were very tired.
That same afternoon, we were introduced to the families who hosted us during this experience. In my case, I was lucky to be with two very nice companions in the house and to have a family that welcomed us so well and made us feel at home from the first moment, making us feel very fond of them.

During the trip, we saw several representative places of this country such as museums, parks, castles or cathedrals. We acquired new knowledge and at the same time we enjoyed living it surrounded by our friends.


In addition, we had several hours of lessons to reinforce our English and to get a diploma. These lessons were fun and quite dynamic, which made us enjoy them even more.
Although all this added up to a very good week, for me the best thing was the company. Being able to spend time with my friends, getting to know each other better than we thought we would, learning to live with people, the laughs and the moments we took with us forever.

I hope that this kind of activities will continue to be proposed in the school, as they are the favourite ones for many people and that future students who enter the school can enjoy this kind of adventures with people they love as much as their friends and learn while having a lot of fun at the same time.


Irene García Barranco 1ºA:

For me this trip has been incredible. I will never forget it, as I have been able to travel to a country outside Spain. We have been able to get to know Dublin and stay with Irish families, who have helped us and taken care of us.
In Dublin we have been able to visit very interesting places such as Saint Patrick's Cathedral, the fishing village of Howth, Trinity College, the archaeological museum, the Molly Malone statue, the Phoenix Park, the Chester Beatty museum, the Temple district, Crafton Street, which is a lively pedestrian and commercial street with concerts by street artists, etc.
In addition, we learnt about their popular festivals and traditions. We have also been able to eat one of the typical dishes there, fish and chips, and of course we have been able to improve our English.




The 4th year students were very excited about this trip from the very first moment it was proposed to us. Due to COVID and other circumstances we had not had the opportunity to go on a trip like this.

In general, we were very lucky with the families, as they welcomed us very well from the very first moment, and treated us like a member of their family, for which we are very grateful. We learned how to take public transport on our own (something we had never used before, being from a small town...) It was great to use the app and share our locations on google maps so that they could keep track of us and monitor us!
Although the food was a little unbalanced we were able to enjoy some typical food from there, but to be honest, our favourite food was the "Lotus" doughnuts, we wish we could have brought them here!
We will never forget Paul's classes at the academy, especially his jokes; the monitors, without them we wouldn't have learned so much about the city; the anecdotes on the city buses... And many other things that made the trip so special!
All in all, a great trip that we would definitely repeat.